Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Our Homes is a national movement that supports homeowners who stand up to their banks with the support of their friends, family and community to fight for their homes.

Also check out Occupy Our Homes’ resources page for information about the causes and development of the foreclosure situation and the basics of an Occupy Homes campaign.

Occupy Minneapolis

Occupy Minneapolis is “creating a global, sustainable community that values the health of the Earth and its inhabitants over corporate profits.”

Hennepin County Legal Aid

Legal Aid specializes in providing free, professional civil legal help to Minnesotans who may lack access to the  justice system and cannot afford the services of a private civil attorney. These groups generally include low income, seniors and people with disabilities. Client intake information is available online here.

Phone: 612-334-5970 

TDD/TTY 612-332-4668


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jo hager commented 2013-02-28 15:55:55 -0600
Today I received the following letter
Our office has been retained by nationstar which is the creditor of your loan unless you, within 30 days validity of the debt the debt will assumed to be valid by us. if you notify us in writing that it is disputed we will obtain a copy of a judgement against you we will provide you with the name and address of the original creditor.

I had this ready to send them tomorrow . so do i forget it and ask them just to do a deed in lien of foreclosure .. Any feed back would help or suggestions

Nationstar mortgage
To whom it may concern

I am writing you in reference to the loan of (Joe) Larry and Deborah Hager. Loan number # 90138626-8 address 23825 sycamore st nw st Francis, MN 55070 which you hold.
On or about 11/22/12 I Larry Joe Hager name change to Joe Hager did send to both bank of America and Nationstar mortgage via certified mail a qualified written request requesting proof of claim. With this request I Joe Hager informed that should Bank of America and Nationstar mortgage fail to produce proof of claim within 15 days they will have exhausted their administrative remedy under a private administrative process and tacit agreement contact under the Real Estate settlement procedures act. I am asking that Bank of America and Nationstar whether or not they are a creditor in the loan transaction and if they have the original wet ink signature to establish proof of claim. ( This is not the photocopy ) I also asked that all letters be sent in the name of Joe Hager to 25089 pelkey creek road Hinckley MN 55037 I asked you to do a release of lien .
jo hager followed this page 2013-02-28 15:55:42 -0600
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