VICTORY: Occupy Homes MN Saves US Marine from Foreclosure

Occupy MN Moves into Foreclosed Home in North Minneapolis


New Occupy Homes Coalition Links Homeowners, Activists in Direct Action to Halt Foreclosures

John’s Story : Facing Foreclosure

Occupy Homes MN Halts Veteran’s Sherrif’s Sale

Occupy Homes MN Marches on the Home of US Bank CEO Richard Davis

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Shari Fagan-Crawford commented 2013-03-10 15:09:39 -0500
Hi Pam- Caylin’s facts are different from yours, but there are certain similarities in all these fraud-closures. First and foremost, the biggest (successful) tactic the banks employ is to simply wear you down! Many were the days I felt we simply couldn’t go on; but somehow found the courage to take one more step. We are near a resolution now, and I am just looking forward to the day I DON’T have to think about it. We can finally lead other lives! However, there are so many people who continue to face illegal and unnecessary foreclosure, that we are not done fighting. We continue to support the work of Occupy Homes, and are turning up the heat in the Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone in south Minnepolis. Stay tuned!
Pam Ragland commented 2013-03-08 19:32:48 -0600
“connected” good grief… just glad to find you.
Pam Ragland commented 2013-03-08 19:31:55 -0600
Hey can you help me get the word out on this? You may have people now who are losing their homes. Check out the appeal I won in Sept. & my video. I tell people what to do, starting for FREE. Also they can receive more detailed instructions at the link below.

Are you connectet with other “Occupy” groups?

Also I noticed someone reported Caylin Crawford is helping Minneapolis Occupy due to her battle with US Bank. That is how I found you. If you know her, please SHARE MY CASE WITH HER as I won the right to sue on her exact issue of being told not to pay my payment!! (Among several other things..) She can use my case to fight hers – it was published!!

Then, please check out my case. It impacts literally MILLIONS of people with the 6 different precedents I set.

Ragland V US Bank – US Bank has blocked press on this. It impacts millions in foreclosure now, foreclosed on, or who could be due to hidden fraud they have no idea is there. NOT Robosigning… actual loan forgery!!

• I proved loan forgery with a handwriting expert (this was and may still be rampant… I can explain more why I say that but any loan since 1999 at least is suspect)
• My loan was forged so it could be swapped to one of those “bad” variable loans. The statute of limitations on FRAUD starts when you FIND THE FORGERY. Carries PUNITIVE damages
• I was granted the ability to sue for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS in a property case
• My loan was sold under a restraining order waiting period. They admitted at the time knowing it was illegal. It was so easy, I cannot be the only one.
• Anyone who has been told not to pay their payments and can prove it even with notes (Caylin and so many others)
• Anyone who has had any bank REFUSE ANY PAYMENTSS. I know many people who got 1 month behind for example were told they had to pay everything or the bank would not accept their payment at all. My case ruled that was not OK “profiting from your own wrongdoing”.
• Then the court ruled there is a private right of action (you can sue) for violating state foreclosure laws.

Please please check out my case… video… or this press release. I would so appreciate getting this word out. The OCC did that deal recently with the banks. Many people may get $800 but could actually sue for millions due to my case. They are trying to cheat people again by shutting me up. Not right!!

My YouTube video (this is where people can also go for help, I am helping others with their cases, too)

Here is my recent press release, I won another hearing last week where they tried to limit my damages to $25K:

Thank you!

Tad Wagner commented 2012-12-18 23:43:11 -0600
As a business student they TEACH us that NEGATIVE PUBLICITY is a corporations GREATEST fear, and OCCUPY has proven that it DOES indeed net results!
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