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The following is a letter to M&T Bank from Gayle urging them to negotiate with her to keep her in her home. Gayle has been an integral part of South Minneapolis since she moved here in 1975 and M&T Bank continues to push toward evicting her and countless other families around the country. This travesty needs to stop! M&T needs to know that Gayle’s community is prepared to stand up and defend their neighbors’ rights to affordable housing!


Dear M & T Bank,

    My name is Gayle Lindsey. I live in South Minneapolis with my daughter, grandson and step son. I have lived here since May 2001. I have eleven grandchildren.  I have worked as a nursing assistant at Walker Methodist Medical Center for the last twenty years. I am getting close to retirement. I planned on having a place to call home for some time, but now I am facing foreclosure.

I know what justice is.  My family is from Selma, Alabama.  When I was younger, I wanted to go on a march from Selma to Montgomery, but my mom would not let me.  Later on, I remember a high school walk out after the Martin Luther King assassination in 1968. Everyone from my school went along.  The physical education teacher followed us.  More recently, I participated in a union drive in my workplace.  I am a member of AFSCME Local 3532.

    I came to Minnesota in 1975. I have always lived in South Minneapolis. The last place I rented was a duplex. The owner was a very nice man. He sold the house, and the new owners kicked the tenants out. I decided to buy a home. I did not want to keep moving. This was the only house I could purchase in South Minneapolis. My grandchild grew up in the house. It’s special to me. When other family members don’t have anywhere to go, I let them stay here. It’s a family home.

    Over the last few years, I have experienced a loss of income. I was the only person working in the house.  Wages at my full time job have not gone up with the cost of living.  For a while, I got by with a second job as a personal care assistant, but that dried up. Meanwhile, expenses and my mortgage payments continued go up.  The bank refused to lower the payments. I fell behind on my mortgage. My house was sold at a sheriff’s sale back to the bank in July. I would like to stay and fix this situation. I want to pay for my home as long as it’s affordable.

    I want M & T Bank to re-write the mortgage to something that’s affordable for me and my family, based on the current value of the house. I am not going to move, so please work with me. I want people to take action, and be supportive. I want everyone in my community to be able to stay in a home. If people are willing to pay, the banks need to work with them.




Gayle Lindsey and family


 “When other family members don’t have anywhere to go, I let them stay here. It’s a family home… I am not going to move.” -Gayle Lindsey


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