Three South Minneapolis Homeowners Challenge Banks, Demand a Collective Negotiation, Call for Support

Genet and Nafeesah, Not photographed: GayleThree homeowners in the Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone, a housing justice campaign in the Central and Powderhorn Neighborhoods, have publicly declared that they refuse to move out until they, and their communities, receive a fair negotiation from the banks. Occupy Homes organizers hope that this is just the beginning, and that more homeowners in the Central and Powderhorn Neighborhoods will join in the near future. This comes just three weeks after a Community Forum at Green Central School, where Occupy Homes MN announced its intention to build a broader campaign for housing justice in South Minneapolis.

Nafeesah Abdullah McReynolds -ElGenet Beyene, and Gayle Lindsey are facing foreclosure, and together have been residents of the Central Neighborhood for more than 60 years.  They are working with Occupy Homes MN on a new project, the Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone (FEFZ). “Safe, affordable and equitable housing is a human right!  That’s what the United Nations states,” explains Chris Gray, a local educator and Occupy Homes activist. “And that’s what we’re trying to live up to with this project.”

The Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone aims to unite homeowners facing foreclosure, underwater homeowners, renters and the homeless into one unified struggle for housing justice. Gayle Lindsey, who has lived in South Minneapolis since 1975, summed it up by saying “I want everyone in my community to be able to stay… the banks should always work with them.”

All three of the homeowners are eager to get more people involved in the struggle, and are preparing to reach out to other neighbors who are in a similar situation. Join them! Neighborhood outreach for the Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone meets every Saturday at 12:00pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm at Cafe Southside, 3405 Chicago Ave S.  In addition, FEFZ meetings take place every Saturday during the Occupy Homes General Meeting from 2:00-4:00pm.

Please take a moment to sign and share our neighbors’ petitions. 

Ocwen Loan Servicing: Negotiate with Genet Beyene

Midland Mortgage Co: Negotiate with Nafeesah Abdullah McReynolds

M & T Bank: Negotiate with Gayle Lindsey

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