Jaymie Kelly- Urgent Action Needed!


Dear JP Morgan Chase,

My name is Jaymie “Jayne D.” Kelly and I was born in the house on the other end of the block from where I currently live.  I lived in that house for 24 years.  To assert my independence, I moved half a block down and rented a 1 bedroom right next to my brother’s family.  When my late husband and I married in 1979, we wanted to buy a house near my elderly parents to help care for them.  We jumped when this house became available, excited to raise a family on the same block where I have lived for 55 of my 63 years.  Now, Chase Bank wants to throw me out.


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Rose McGee


Dear Citi Morgage and Fannie Mae,

I am Rose McGee. Please support me in my effort to get CitiMortgage and Fannie Mae to allow me to stay in my home. I am like you; I have worked hard all of my life. I have contributed to my community. I pay my taxes. I tried to live out the American dream by buying a house. I have lived in my home and paid my mortgage for almost 20 years.

And like some of you I am middle aged and have raised my children in my home. It is the source of my fondest memories, children growing up, backyard barbecues, basketball games in the yard, graduation parties. For nearly 20 years it has been my home.

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Jessica English


Dear Wells Fargo,

My name is Jessica English. I am a single mother of four, student, writer and dedicated worker. Despite my hard work – stocking shelves, earning A’s in school, mowing lawns, cleaning houses, writing and publishing social commentary for Minnesota Public Radio, and coordinating volunteers –  years of poverty have left my family homeless.

Working with Occupy Homes MN I have reclaimed and repaired a vacant home that had been broken into and was being used as a drug house. I spoke with the neighbors on the block and told them of the plan to move into the home, fix it up, and contribute to the community. They are very supportive, especially after the last vacant home on the block had been taken over by drug dealers, who were also using it as a place to house the violence of the sex trade.

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Victory! Gayle Lindsey


Dear M&T Bank,

My name is Gayle Lindsey. I live in South Minneapolis with my daughter, grandson and step son. I have lived here since May 2001. I have eleven grandchildren.  I have worked as a nursing assistant at Walker Methodist Medical Center for the last twenty years. I am getting close to retirement. I planned on having a place to call home for some time, but now I am facing foreclosure.

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Genet Beyene


Dear OCWEN Loan Servicing,

My name is Genet Beyene and when I first moved to South Minneapolis in 1997 as a single mother with my son, I was afraid.  But over the years, I saw how people in South care about the quality of their neighborhood and support one another.  I grew to love this area, and in 2000, I put a downpayment on the perfect home where I could raise my son.  He was 4 years old when I bought this house.  We laugh about how he used to scare me when he climbed high into the tree in the front yard; he loves it here, this house holds all of his memories. 

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Nafeesah Abdullah McReynolds -El


Dear Midlands Mortgage,

My name is Nafeesah Abdullah McReynolds -El, and I live with my spouse in the Central Neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  My family is Moorish American. I was born and raised in Chicago.  I have five children.  After we had our youngest child, we wanted to go someplace different.  We all moved to Minneapolis.  It was like a breath of fresh air.  Now Midland Mortgage is trying to take the home my family has lived in for twenty years.

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