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Cindy Brown commented 2013-03-09 00:16:38 -0600
I support what you all are doing for current home owner about to be foreclosed. We were able to get a whole new loan threw NACA dot com. They made Bank of America do a NEW 3%, 40 year loan, which dropped our payment by $400. Their live events are the fastest way to get help but they also have a fast track if your home is about to be auctioned.
Cindy Brown commented 2013-03-09 00:08:54 -0600
I just want to say I think Jessica Englishes claim on a vacant home that was not hers to begin with is a WRONG thing to support! She says she has a job, so with the free home she’s had she should have money saved up to rent something.
Pam Ragland commented 2013-03-08 19:24:03 -0600
I noticed reports recently on Caylin Crawford and her battle with US Bank. First of all, I hope you’ll share my case with her, as I won an appeal 9/11/12 (published) Vs. US Bank. She can use my case to fight them telling her not to pay her payment!!

Then, please check out my case. It impacts literally MILLIONS of people with the 6 different precedents I set.

Ragland V US Bank – US Bank has blocked press on this. It impacts millions in foreclosure now, foreclosed on, or who could be due to hidden fraud they have no idea is there. NOT Robosigning… actual loan forgery!!

• I proved loan forgery with a handwriting expert (this was and may still be rampant… I can explain more why I say that but any loan since 1999 at least is suspect)
• My loan was forged so it could be swapped to one of those “bad” variable loans. The statute of limitations on FRAUD starts when you FIND THE FORGERY. Carries PUNITIVE damages
• I was granted the ability to sue for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS in a property case
• My loan was sold under a restraining order waiting period. They admitted at the time knowing it was illegal. It was so easy, I cannot be the only one.
• Anyone who has been told not to pay their payments and can prove it even with notes (Caylin and so many others)
• Anyone who has had any bank REFUSE ANY PAYMENTSS. I know many people who got 1 month behind for example were told they had to pay everything or the bank would not accept their payment at all. My case ruled that was not OK “profiting from your own wrongdoing”.
• Then the court ruled there is a private right of action (you can sue) for violating state foreclosure laws.

Please please check out my case… video… or this press release. I would so appreciate getting this word out. The OCC did that deal recently with the banks. Many people may get $800 but could actually sue for millions due to my case. They are trying to cheat people again by shutting me up. Not right!!

my YouTube video (this is where people can also go for help, I am helping others with their cases, too)

Here is my recent press release, I won another hearing last week where they tried to limit my damages to $25K:

Thank you!
Sue and John Morris commented 2013-03-08 15:47:29 -0600
Greeting from Occupy Central Vermont. In solidarity.
jo hager commented 2013-02-28 15:54:10 -0600
Today I received the following letter
Our office has been retained by nationstar which is the creditor of your loan unless you, within 30 days validity of the debt the debt will assumed to be valid by us. if you notify us in writing that it is disputed we will obtain a copy of a judgement against you we will provide you with the name and address of the original creditor.

I had this ready to send them tomorrow . so do i forget it and ask them just to do a deed in lien of foreclosure .. Any feed back would help or suggestions

Nationstar mortgage
To whom it may concern

I am writing you in reference to the loan of (Joe) Larry and Deborah Hager. Loan number # 90138626-8 address 23825 sycamore st nw st Francis, MN 55070 which you hold.
On or about 11/22/12 I Larry Joe Hager name change to Joe Hager did send to both bank of America and Nationstar mortgage via certified mail a qualified written request requesting proof of claim. With this request I Joe Hager informed that should Bank of America and Nationstar mortgage fail to produce proof of claim within 15 days they will have exhausted their administrative remedy under a private administrative process and tacit agreement contact under the Real Estate settlement procedures act. I am asking that Bank of America and Nationstar whether or not they are a creditor in the loan transaction and if they have the original wet ink signature to establish proof of claim. ( This is not the photocopy ) I also asked that all letters be sent in the name of Joe Hager to 25089 pelkey creek road Hinckley MN 55037 I asked you to do a release of lien .
jo hager commented 2013-02-27 08:23:00 -0600
I tryed to contact Nick Espinosa and Becky Dembach by e-mqail but they did not reply — I need help with the following.. My number is 763 276 5884 — afternoons

My name is Joe Hager I go by Jo. Savannah suggested I e-mail you. I brought a home about 7 years ago. The price was 239,000 . Our real estate lady talked us into buying the home with no money down and taking out two loans. One was for 190,000 the other was 49,000 interest only which we did not understand. The loans where thought country wide. As you know Bank Of America took them over. Really looking back I don’t know how we even got the two loans our credit was not that good. After paying on the loans for two years my wife got real sick. She got cancer of the lungs. She went thought chemo and got a blood infection. She spent a great deal in the hospital. I missed about three payments; I called Bank of America and asked if I could do a loan modification as I could not afford payments of 1598 and 398 a month anymore. They sent the paper work and I completed it sent it back. I did not hear from them and after four months called them. All this time I did not make payments. They said they lost my paper work so they sent me out a new package. The bills got to be too much so we filed chapter 13. Once we did this the bank rejected all letters and calls. We stayed in chapter 13 for three years at which time I retired for my job, bought a cheap fix up place with 60,000 from my 401 k. Then we filed chapter 7. This is now discharged. Bank of America sold our first mortgage 189,000 . they still hold the second for 49,00o the value is 160,000 if that. We have friends living in the home now. I sent both Bank of America and our new banks a qwr certified mail. The new back did not reply . Bank of America did a audit. And sent me paper which did not even answer my questions. I sent them a copy of the Minnesota bankrupt code which stated that second loans cannot be collected on. I now was going to send both of them the letter below. Savannah sent me this link and some of the stuff look interesting like the but they want 297 for the kit they said I can get it for 200.
I am writing you in reference to the loan of (Joe) Larry and Deborah Hager. Loan number # 90138626-8 address 23825 sycamore st nw st Francis, MN 55070 which you hold.
I sent you a QWR and you sent back papers which did not answer all my questions. I would like to know if you have the original note or who has it. I asked you to da a release of lien. I do not have a lot of resource to fight a big company like yours or hire an attorney so I have to fight this myself.

It there any suggestions you have
jim carrington commented 2012-12-30 11:33:28 -0600
300,000 foreclosed homes were bulldozed, at taxpayer expense, this year. (125,000 just BofA alone)
Kathleen Berg commented 2012-12-29 18:25:13 -0600
Has Occupy Homes ever done a “We The People” petition where if you get a certain amount of signatures President Obama will review it or something like that. I have signed a number of them, most recently about gun control and mental health care in every school that are proceeding – Don’t know if you think it is worth it or not or maybe you have already done that.
Michael Rutherford commented 2012-09-22 10:38:52 -0500
Very Interesting …
Erik Knutson published this page 2012-07-18 19:54:42 -0500