Connie’s Home

Seventeen years ago, Connie wanted a house to raise her daughter in and bought her first home in south Minneapolis. She taught her daughter, who is now a chef, how to cook in this home. It was a place where she could have pets and create art. After Connie lost her job as a special ed teacher, she began to work with her bank to renegotiate her mortgage.

Citibank told Connie she could not qualify for a loan modification unless she was two months behind and told her to stop paying her mortgage. After a year of consideration, Citibank declined Connie’s loan modification. They sold her mortgage to Pacifica, who foreclosed on her two months later. Connie’s eviction hearing was canceled because the Minnesota Attorney General discovered that Pacifica no longer owned the mortgage, and Pacifica does not have a license to do business in Minnesota. Pacifica now says Citibank owns the mortgage and is asking them not to continue with the eviction process.

Connie missed two months of payments and only because Citibank told her to. For more than a year, she tried to work with the bank to renegotiate her mortgage: “Why didn’t they say this from the get go? What could I have done differently? What did I do wrong?” Connie is staying and her home and fighting to her house.  We demand the bank negotiate instead of evicting her. Evictions and vacant boarded up houses stop here.




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