Urgent call-in to revive the Homeowner Bill of Rights!

In March, the state Senate killed the Homeowner Bill of Rights in committee because the banks didn't agree to it. Instead, they passed a weak foreclosure bill that will codify existing federal regulations.

Now, as the legislative session draws to a close, we have a chance to add the most important provisions from the original Homeowner Bill of Rights--mandatory mediation and private right of action--to that bill. But this can only happen if we tell our legislators to make it a priority now.


Find your state legislators here by typing in your address. Click the first two names that come up--those are your state representative and senator.

Here's a sample script for calling in:

"Hi, my name's ________ and I'm a constituent. I'm calling to ask Sen. / Rep. ________ to support a strong Homeowner Bill of Rights this session that includes mandatory mediation and private right of action, allowing homeowners to sue banks that wrongfully foreclose on them. Similar legislation in California has decreased foreclosures by over 50%. Here in Minnesota, foreclosure levels are still three times higher than they were before the crisis began. It's time Minnesota makes stopping foreclosure a priority."

When you're done, let us know how it went! Leave a response on our Facebook call-in or in the comments below, letting us know who you called and what happened.

Thanks so much for your support. With a big push now, we can create lasting policy change that can finally start to stem the bleeding of the housing crisis.

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