Occupy Homes MN Endorses Ty Moore for City Council and an Eviction Free Ward 9

Occupy Homes MN is proud to endorse Ty Moore for Ward 9 City Council to represent the Eviction Free Zone. With your help, Ty has a great chance to win this election.

Ty and Jaymie

Ty with proud supporter and future constituent Jaymie Kelly.

We have never before endorsed a candidate for office, but we believe it is important to do so in this case. Ty Moore's record of challenging big business is rare in the electoral field. Ty’s candidacy is an important opportunity for Occupy Homes MN to champion our political demands as we work toward a city-wide foreclosure moratorium, an end to police resources for evictions, and the use of eminent domain to turn vacant homes into community controlled affordable housing and lower principal on underwater mortgages.

Ty Moore played a leading role in the coalition effort to build Occupy Homes MN as a housing justice organization, to fight for the needs of working people in communities devastated by the financial crisis and to demand accountability from Wall Street bankers who gambled with our homes.

Having city council members that can aid our policy work and serve as a buffer to police repression of our organization with vacants work in the ward is an important advantage for our work. With Ty Moore on City Council we can count on votes for critical legislation and have a platform to legitimize and amplify our work. Ty will be a champion of our issues and work to defeat the corporate interests of the 1% that controls our city government.

This week the National Association of Realtors, one of the nation’s largest corporate lobbying firms, endorsed Ty’s primary opponent, Alondra Cano.  In alliance with big banks, this national lobby spends millions to defeat foreclosure prevention programs everywhere. Recently they sued the city of Richmond, CA to prevent the use of eminent domain to reduce principal on underwater mortgages. We believe the National Association of Realtors is threatened by our successes in Minneapolis and taking an active interest to prevent us from furthering our demands. As they pour more money into our city politics, it is more important than ever to have grassroots champions like Ty to fight for the people.

Endorsed by Socialist Alternative, the Green Party and SEIU MN state council, Ty Moore's grassroots campaign has taken a fighting stance on the demands of a $15 minimum wage, a moratorium on foreclosures, and an end to taxpayer-funded police resources used for evictions. The campaign points to the potential impact from running candidates out of community movements, who take up demands from below to sharply challenge the power of Wall Street.

As our movement grows, it is critical for us to transform our grassroots demands into concrete policy change. Having a grassroots champion like Ty on the city council can help us turn Minneapolis into a nationwide leader in policies to ensure safe affordable quality housing is a human right for all and that we have democratic control of our homes.

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