URGENT: Take Action to Prevent My Illegal Eviction

Last month I moved into a vacant house owned by Wells Fargo in South Minneapolis. I wanted to put a roof over my children’s heads, but I also wanted to take a stand for the every American’s right to have safe and equitable housing.  Our community wants to reclaim the house to provide affordable housing instead of letting it rot.

But Wells Fargo has sent employees to break into the house to change the locks three times and now they’re pressuring the police to illegally evict me. 

Just yesterday, three police officers attempted to carry out an illegal eviction of my home--telling the four volunteers occupying it while I was at work that they had to leave. Our supporters turned the police away asserting that without permission from a judge they would be carrying out an illegal eviction. They did not have a warrant to enter the home. Thanks to your support, we have halted the eviction for now--but they could come back at any time to evict my family from the home our community has reclaimed.

Please call the President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage directly to demand they halt any attempts to evict my family and negotiate to turn this formerly blighted vacant property over to the community. (Number above)

Last month I came home to find a strange man who worked for Wells Fargo inside my house who claimed he thought it was vacant and left when I assured him it was not. Though they know that I live there, they’ve broken in and locked my possessions inside the home two more times since then claiming the home is abandoned. It’s terrifying.

Can you make a few quick calls to help put a stop to these illegal eviction attempts and harassment of my family?

These intimidation tactics are against the law, and represent repeated flagrant violations of due process. Only a judge can authorize an eviction of a resident of a home, yet Wells Fargo, aided by officials from the City of Minneapolis, is attempting to force me out.

Wells Fargo has assured me that I will be evicted and arrested for trespassing, but the real crime is leaving all these homes vacant while families seek shelter. It makes no sense that the city and local law enforcement would spend public resources to evict a home that has been restored from blight by neighbors to keep a family warm this winter just because Wall Street Banks ask them to. I’m not leaving.

Thank you for standing with me. We won’t be intimidated. We won’t be moved.

Jessica English 

Please make these urgent calls to help keep me in my home:

Please Call Michael J. Heid, President, Home Mortgage division of Wells Fargo at (515)213-6117 or email him at Michael.j.heid@wellsfargo.com to tell them to turn 3325 2nd Ave S over to the community to be used for affordable housing instead of letting it sit vacant creating blight in the neighborhood.

Call or email Mayor Rybak, (rt@minneapolis.org)  612 673-2100, ask him to prioritize the homeless over the big banks, and not to evict Jessica English from 3325 2nd Ave S.

Call Police Chief Hartau, (612) 673-3559, ask her not to use our public servants, paid for by our tax dollars, to evict Jessica English from 3325 2nd Ave S.


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