OHMN delivers petitions and pink balloons to US Bank HQ, demanding an end to cancer evictions

Occupy Homes MN sent a delegation to US Bank headquarters in downtown Minneapolis to deliver 10,000 petition signatures asking US Bank to end cancer evictions, in solidarity with Ana Casas Wilson in LA and Jacqueline Barber in Atlanta and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. US Bank and Wells Fargo are working together to foreclose on both women despite their very serious illnesses.

US Bank sent their head security guy to meet us outside, not wanting to let us in the building. He assured us he would deliver the petitions and balloons (pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to CEO Richard Davis. Then he told us US Bank was only following the law, and that Richard Davis is in Washington several times a month talking to lawmakers trying to make the laws better for their business. If we want change, he told us, we should vote and contact our Congresspeople (funny, when we went to Washington they were nowhere to be found), and also talk to our lobbyists.

Great thinking, US Bank! Why didn't we think of that?

You can sign the petition to end sickness evictions here: 


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