Start a Campaign

Facing foreclosure? You can choose to defend your home!

First steps:

  1. Tell us your story - Before we get started, we'd like to learn a little more about you and your situation. Please fill out this confidential online form, and an Occupy Homes organizer will follow up with you to discuss options.
  2. Delay your sheriff's sale - Buy time for your campaign! Minnesota state law allows you to delay the foreclosure sale of your home, and this page has a free online tool to assist with the postponement process.
  3. Contact Legal Aid - Legal Aid specializes in providing free, professional civil legal help to Minnesotans who may lack access to the  justice system and cannot afford the services of a private civil attorney. These groups generally include low income, seniors and people with disabilities. Phone: 612-334-5970 | TDD/TTY: 612-332-4668

Next steps:

4.  Start your petition - Get your story out there! Launch your online petition through the national Occupy Our Homes network. Use the Demand Letter template to get started.

Some tips for sharing your story:

    • Transform shame into power! We know talking about foreclosure is the last thing most people want to do, especially when we're asking you to share your story publicly. However, sharing your story is the #1 best way to mobilize people to support your campaign.
    • Keep your audience in mind. Remember, most people in this country have experienced, or know someone who has experienced a foreclosure at some point in their lives. A simple, honest story will help people understand your situation and feel connected to the cause.
    • Think about your answers to some "big picture" questions:
      • “Why did you choose this house?”
      • “What do you think about the neighborhood?”
      • “Do you have a specific memory of something that happened in this house?”
    • Stay strong. Resentful and cynical stabs at the bank might feel good in the short term, but it's not always the best way to mobilize people to campaign.
    • Remember: clarity, clarity, clarity. To be powerful, your story must be coherent. 
    • Check out some examples of other homeowner's petitions here and here

5.  Launch your campaign - Learn about the various elements of effective anti-eviction campaigns. We'll kick it off with a BBQ or some kind of rally at your house.

Congratulations on stepping up and making the enormously courageous choice to defend your home! These campaigns are long, and nothing needs to be rushed. By telling our stories and mobilizing our communities, we are building a political movement to challenge some of the largest financial institutions on the planet. Occupy Homes stands with you.