Neighbors demand shutdown of federal evictions

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     Jaymie Kelly, a 30-year homeowner who faces imminent eviction at the hands of Freddie Mac, rallied with 40 neighbors at the U.S. Attorney's office today, demanding a shutdown of federally financed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac evictions--which continue during the government shutdown as an "essential service."  
     When Homeland Security told Jaymie no one from the Attorney's office could accept her petitions as a result of the shutdown, her supporters proceeded to decorate the outside of the federal building with petition signatures.
     "As aid to affordable housing is cut off, and our public officials won't meet with us, Freddie Mac still thinks my eviction is an 'essential service,'" said Jaymie, who is fighting in an eviction defense campaign with Occupy Homes MN. "I have already paid for my home five times, but JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac have refused to negotiate with me. Freddie Mac must immediately shutdown its evictions until it has a permanent director in place willing to work with homeowners like me. The government's inaction could cost me my home of 30 years. But I am not leaving, and my community stands with me."
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After a national public pressure campaign on President Obama to fire Ed DeMarco, the interim director of FHFA, which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in May Obama nominated Rep. Mel Watt to replace him--but his confirmation has stalled in the Senate, which is now preoccupied with the government shutdown.
Jaymie and her supporters also demanded that the Department of Justice pursue a rigorous settlement with JPMorgan Chase.
"JPMorgan Chase refused to negotiate my predatory loan, and now I'm facing eviction any day," said Jaymie. "No settlement check could make up for the trauma of being forced out of my home of 30 years. We need a settlement that helps the people, not another slap on the wrist for these predatory banks."
Jaymie's supporters then marched over to City Hall to demand Sheriff Stanek not use public resources to evict her. Sheriffs are expected to attempt to evict Jaymie sometime in the next week. Her community is prepared to resist any attempt to evict her. In July, 75 community members drove off 30 sheriffs attempting to evict Jaymie's neighbor, Sergio Ceballos. Two months later, Sergio remains in his home and is now in negotiation with JPMorgan Chase.
Paula Medlock, who launched a joint public pressure campaign against JPMorgan Chase with Jaymie and Sergio in April, announced her victory at the rally: she won a loan modification and will keep her home, marking the 11th such victory for Occupy Homes MN. "I went up against the CEO of JPMorgan Chase and won," she said. "Keep fighting. Don't give up."
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