"I am now a TOTAL believer": Rose's second court date

A powerful update from Rose McGee, whose second eviction court date was this morning.

Greetings All: My second Eviction Court hearing was scheduled (or not) for this morning at 8:30am. Check this out – the judge came in at 8:35am (instead of the traditional 30 minutes later). I had the entire courtroom – there were no others scheduled for that room. I’m told that’s unusual. Whole thing was over in 2 minutes because – yesterday my attorney Michael Wang of Drewes Law Firm was contacted by CitiMortgage and Fannie Mae’s “new” attorney that they didn’t want Court today and requesting it be moved out 30 days. Because I didn’t trust that – we still showed up in full force today (including Congressman Keith Ellison). Citi and Fannie are asking my attorney to have me consider modification. Well...DUH!!! That's what I've been asking for all along. Fannie also contacted MN State Attorney General’s Office saying somewhat the same thing. Yeah!!!! Meanwhile, new Court date of Feb 14 may or may not happen if we can reach a settlement prior. Who knows. But two key things are also happening:

(1) MN State Legislators are having press conference on Wed Jan 16 at 11am to announce the Bill they’ve drafted (with input from us – the community) to stop Dual Tracking! YEAH! We then walk from the Capitol over to Capitol Administration Building for hearing of the Bill being presented. That runs from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. Please come to Press Conference for sure!

(2) I’ve been asked by Occupy Homes MN to travel to Washington D.C. Jan 24th and meet before a Fannie Mae committee who will be reviewing 99 homeowners from around the country so they can hear our cases and decide what to do. Gonna go!

Why am I sharing all this with you. For one thing, I appreciate your genuine support. For another thing, this process is teaching me the importance of fighting – really fighting for what you believe in – not only for self, but for others as well. No one in this society should have to go through the nonsense that I have been experiencing for the past year. BUT, I have come to learn how vital community support really is. I am amazed at the show of support for me during this horrific ordeal. Although I have always believed that one must “Stand up for something or you will fall for anything.” Martin Luther King, Jr. – I am now a TOTAL believer. Please review the following - call -sign - forward. Yes, it is a Movement! Rose

Call-in for Minneapolis homeowner Rose McGee! Today we are calling Fannie Mae to demand they drop the eviction action and negotiate a solution to keep Rose in her home immediately. Call Andrew Wilson at 202-752-5168. Tell him that Rose is a community leader who's lived in her home for almost 20 years. She deserves to stay!

Sample script: “I’m calling to communicate my support for Rose McGee in Golden Valley, MN. We call on Fannie Mae to immediately halt the eviction action against Rose. Rose is a community leader and can afford her payments. We demand that Fannie Mae work out an immediate solution to keep Rose in her home and community.”

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