Daylong Renter Organizing Training with Right to the City

Join us for a renter organizing daylong bootcamp with Right To The City, a national alliance of racial, economic, and environmental organizations leading the country in building power for renters!

This event is part 2 of a two day training series on September 13th and 14th to help launch a citywide renters organizing movement! Day 1 is not required to participate.  The first day's training will provide an overview of struggles tenants face and the need to build a movement. (Day 1 details here:

This training will be a daylong dive into the history, strategies, and technical skills for organizing renters in low income communities and communities of color.


We suggest a $10-$20 sliding scale contribution to help cover the costs of airfare for the trainers. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Click here to register and make a financial contribution to cover the costs of the training.

Click here to register for free. Everyone is welcome to attend, financial contribution is not required. 


As rent prices rise and absentee landlords take advantage of our families and neighbors, an urgent need exists for neighborhood associations to engage in tenant organizing within our communities.

Right To The City trainers have designed a free training for UNA participants and allies that will address the importance of tenant organizing as a way to fight gentrification and displacement of low-income communities & communities of color. 

(Check out Right To The City's 'Rise of the Renter Nation' report here:

WHO: Renters, neighborhood association board members, or those interested in joining their neighborhood association. We are especially looking to engage people of color and low income Minneapolis residents.

Train UNA participants & allies on tenant organizing skills, strategy, current national organizing models, and the political context for renters in the US
Continue to build a strong coalition with neighborhood associations and community organizations
Generate citywide excitement around tenant organizing

Food, childcare, and Spanish translation provided.

Suggested donation: $10-$20 to cover travel expenses for the trainers. No one turned away for lack of funds.

About the Trainers:

Tony Romano, Organizing Director - Right to The City

Tony has been organizing for 22 years. He is a veteran union organizer and a co-founder of the Miami Workers Center. He is a native of Georgia and begin organizing in 1993 with the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers and UNITE. Tony was schooled in politics and organizing as an English teacher in South Africa during the struggle against apartheid. He led a major labor/civil rights campaign against the Kmart corporation in Greensboro, North Carolina and arrived in Florida in 1996 to join an effort to unionize area nursing home workers. In 1999, Tony co-founded the Miami Workers Center. He guided campaigns that prevented the demolition of over 2000 affordable homes and generated $17 million in housing and childcare funds for low-income families. He served as a lead on the RTTC Housing workgroup that facilitated a participatory grassroots process that produced a national research paper, “We Call These Projects Home.” In 2011, Tony joined the staff of Right to the City Alliance in 2011 as Organizing Director. He’s a papa too.

Maria Zamudio, San Francisco Housing Rights Campaign Lead Organizer - Just Cause/Causa Justa

Maria comes to the Bay Area from Santa Barbara, CA, where she was raised and where she participated in organizing efforts for the rights of immigrants, women, working-class and queer communities. Maria takes on the landlords and supports our members as they fight for their rights.

More info on Right to the City:
More info on Just Cause/Causa Justa:

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