Let's build power for the 99% in 2013

Thanks to your support, Occupy Homes MN has become a national leader in challenging the big banks’ foreclosure economy and keeping families in their homes. When I first began fighting the foreclosure on my house, I was ashamed because of the stigma surrounding financial issues in our society. I separated myself from my friends, and the only person in my life who knew what was going on was my mom. After realizing the bank wouldn't engage in dialogue with me or my attorney, I joined forces with Occupy Homes MN and launched my Beat the Banks campaign. Following my first meeting with an Occupy organizer, I suddenly felt empowered and supported in my battle for my home. For the first time in almost two years, I felt hope.

Can you chip in to stand with Caylin?

Your support will make these projects possible, building support for the 99%.

By building public pressure on the banks through barbecues, call-ins, and petitions, I got farther in one month with Occupy Homes MN than I did in almost two years in the legal system. I am currently in negotiations with Freddie Mac, which will be finalized any day now--making my victory Occupy Homes MN's seventh, in just a year of existence and on a shoestring budget. But there are still thousands of families being kicked out of their homes, even during this holiday season.

We’re looking forward to growing our movement by challenging the banks and the public narrative in new and exciting ways in 2013. But we need your support to do it.

Can you help us build community control of housing in 2013?

Giving to Occupy Homes is much more than a donation. It’s an investment in strengthening our neighborhoods and building community power. It’s about turning shame into empowerment and learning the skills to fight back. Thanks to Occupy Homes and all your support, my family has a home for 2013. Here’s to a new year of powerful communities and housing for all.

Please help us make 2013 an even bigger year than the last.

Thanks for all you do,


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