Community prepares for civil disobedience to defend wrongfully foreclosed Ceballos home

Over 60 community members turned out for a direct action training last night in preparation for eviction defense of the Ceballos family home. 


The Ceballos family, for whom JPMorgan Chase Bank received an eviction order even as they were considering them for a loan modification--dual tracking illegal under the national mortgage settlement--received a 24-hour notice to vacate on Monday, meaning they could now be forcibly evicted at any time. Community supporters have pledged to defend their home in case of an eviction--a tactic which drew national media attention and 39 arrests at the Cruz home last year. Chase Bank says they are still considering a modification for the Ceballos family and will give an answer by Friday, but refuse to halt the eviction in the meantime.

"For me it's important to stay in my home because my kids grew up here," said Sergio Ceballos, the homeowner. "I'm just asking for a modification, not to stay in my house for free."

"Chase's actions against the Ceballos family are completely illegal, but our legal system won't hold them accountable for their actions," said Nick Espinosa, an organizer with Occupy Homes MN whose family narrowly avoided foreclosure last year. "Instead of prosecuting Chase for their crimes defrauding thousands of families like Sergio's, our legal system criminalizes Sergio's decision to stay in his home. We demand that Chase Bank immediately call off the eviction and modify Sergio's loan to keep him in his home. Meanwhile, we are calling on Sheriff Stanek not to use public resources to evict Sergio and other families attempting to negotiate with their lenders. But if they do, we will be ready to defend the home. We shall not be moved."
In addition to defending the home 24/7 in case of eviction, the community has planned several actions this week:
Thursday, July 11, 11:30 am, Hennepin County Government Center: March on Sheriff Stanek's Office
Last year the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and Minneapolis Police Department spent over $40,000 securing the Cruz home for Freddie Mac, only to let it sit vacant for a year. Community members will march to demand our public resources not be used for evictions. 
Friday, July 12, 6 pm, 4207 14th Ave S: Reclamation of Vacant Home.
As banks foreclose on families instead of working with them, vacant homes litter our neighborhoods. Down the block from Sergio's house, Mike McDowell will be moving into the home that used to be his grandmother's. 

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