At vigils, supporters declare Cruz home not for sale

Freddie Mac has placed the Cruz home on the market and is looking to sell it as quickly as possible--to anyone but the Cruz family. Although PNC Bank agreed to finance the home for the family after a massive public pressure campaign, Freddie Mac refuses to sell the house back. We find it unconscionable that in spite of the family's ability to pay, backing of the original lender, and support of hundreds of thousands of people around the country, Freddie Mac is doing everything it can to keep this family out of their rightful home.

We will be having vigils at the home at 6:30 every night until Freddie Mac agrees to work with the family. Tonight, over 20 people came to our first vigil. Please also sign this petition to ask Freddie Mac to allow the Cruz family to buy their home back. We will also be having a press conference and rally at 3 pm Thursday at the #cruzhome with Green Party vice-presidential candidate Cheri Honkala, widely considered the founder of the housing justice movement in the Twin Cities. 4044 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis.

Whose house?

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