Neighbors Decorate for Jaymie's Eviction Defense


Even as Eviction Free Zone residents rally around Sergio Ceballos and prepare to defend his home against Hennepin County Sheriffs, Jaymie Kelly received a second summons to appear in housing court at 8:00 am on Monday, July 22nd. EFZ residents are stepping up their efforts on Jaymie’s campaign as well to show JPMorgan Chase, Freddie Mac, and the city of Minneapolis that they also stand with Jaymie’s refusal to move.

“JPMorgan Chase dual tracked Sergio and me in the same way. For Freddie Mac to file this case just as Sergio’s eviction defense heats up, it looks like they’re trying to get us to back down,” said Jaymie.  As the sheriff’s department posted the writ to Sergio’s front door, Jaymie’s neighbors created signs to stream the fencing of her 38th Street and 11th Ave. home, formerly most recognizable for the aluminum blue cows in the yard, now covered in “Foreclosure Stops Here,” “Chase Out Chase Bank” and “Foreclose Freddie Mac” banners.

“My neighbors made signs as a highly visible symbol of solidarity and support because I’m not ashamed of my foreclosure,” Jaymie continued, “and we’re prepared to stand firmly for the demands of the Eviction Free Zone.

Her first summons to housing court on May 30th resulted in a dismissal for dual tracking.  Attorney general Lori Swanson sent documents confirming a delay on eviction proceedings for 30 days post redemption period along with Chase documents stating they would review Jaymie’s case, while Freddie Mac filed the eviction with the county.  Over 28 years, Jaymie Kelly has paid for her home five times over and could stay in the community if her monthly payments reflected the market value of her home, currently at $81,000.  



Jaymie’s future is in the hands of Hennepin County courts, and Sergio’s future is in the hands of the sheriffs.  During the Cruz campaign last year, city and county officials made the choice to spend tens of thousands of dollars evicting a family that intended to negotiate.  Law enforcement officials acted as bank security.

“That’s why we’ve taken up the issue of police resources used for evictions.  South Minneapolis residents don’t pay taxes to ensure they’re forcibly kicked out of their homes,” said Ginger Jentzen, an organizer with Occupy Homes. “A moratorium would allow homeowners like Sergio and Jaymie to negotiate with their lenders.  Communities could spend time on democratic initiatives for improvements to the neighborhood rather than creating defense networks against the policies of gangster capitalism.”

Join neighbors and residents of the Eviction Free Zone in court solidarity with Jaymie Kelly at 8:00 am on Monday July 22nd at the Hennepin County Government Center, 300 S. 6th St.  Meet at the main floor fountain.  

“When we stand together, they can’t evict us all,” said Jaymie.

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