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This is a letter from Nafeesah Abdullah McReynolds-El, who is facing eviction from her home of 20 years! She is able to pay and wants to stay, Midland Mortgage needs to work with Nafeesah and her family to keep them in their home!

Dear Midland Mortgage Company,

  My name is Nafeesah Abdullah McReynolds -El, and I live with my spouse in the Central Neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  My family is Moorish American. I was born and raised in Chicago.  I have five children.  After we had our youngest child, we wanted to go someplace different.  We all moved to Minneapolis.  It was like a breath of fresh air.  Now Midland Mortgage is trying to take the home my family has lived in for twenty years.
   This house belonged to my sister.  I remember the moving truck waiting on the avenue for three days with our stuff in it while we looked for an apartment in the middle of winter.  I got a job as a  bus driver.  A few years later, my sister’s health deteriorated.  She was going to let the house go.  My husband and I took over the payments, caught up on the bills, and have lived in the house ever since.
   All of life has been moving from one point to another point.  As a child I remember being evicted from apartments in Chicago.  I feel secure here.  My children grew up in this neighborhood.  My eldest daughter’s marriage reception was in Powderhorn Park.  I want to stay in my community.
   Over the last few years, I have experienced health issues.  In 2009, my husband was laid off from his job at General Electric.  Since then he has been underemployed.  Our payments have never stopped going up.  Now Midland Mortgage is demanding my husband to sign on to the loan for a modification, but the bank has never told us what the terms would be.  With all this fraud going on, and predatory lending, we’re not signing anything until we know all the terms.  I feel overwhelmed.
   I want Midlands Mortgage to be reasonable, and consider all of the years we’ve been paying for this house.  I only owe $24,380 on the principal of my house.  Now, with all the lawyers fees, Midlands Mortgage is demanding I pay $34,562!  That’s not fair.  Midlands Mortgage does not even have a license to do business in Minnesota!
   I want the bank to re-write the mortgage to the principal we own them, and to make the payments affordable.  We want to pay for our home.  The banks are supposed to exist to help communities prosper, with loans, jobs or whatever.  They are not helping, instead they are stealing.  And they’re being rewarded with government bail outs!
   Throughout the history of this country, the banks have been stealing the resources of the people.   It’s time for that to stop.  I have fought for justice my whole life, and this is no different.  I am not moving out of my home until the banks come to the table, and work with me and my neighbors.

Nafeesah Abdullah McReynolds -El


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