Monique's testimony helps move legislature to recommend Homeowner Bill of Rights to next committee

Monique White, the first homeowner in the country to fight for her foreclosed home with the Occupy movement (and win), gave emotional testimony about her foreclosure before the state House of Representatives housing committee today in their final hearing on the Homeowner Bill of Rights.

Monique had been working with her servicer, US Bank, on a loan modification--but at the same time, they sold her house at a sheriff sale. This practice, called dual tracking, would be outlawed under the proposed Homeowner Bill of Rights.

"I had asked them, how was this possible when they were still working with me?" Monique said.

"Let me understand this, because it frankly boggles my mind," said Rep. Jason Isaacson. "They sold your house while at the same time trying to sell you a loan modification?"

"Yes, sir," said Monique.

The bill would also establish a single point of contact at the bank for the borrower, require mandatory mediation, and  allow a borrower to sue their bank--all provisions that would have benefited Monique.

"This bill will help a lot of people stay in their homes," Monique said, "and keep a lot of families together."

The housing committee was stunned by Monique's powerful testimony, and after hearing from other speakers, voted to recommend the bill to the civil law committee.

Occupy Homes MN believes this modest bill is a great start to addressing the foreclosure abuses in our state, but believes the bill does not go far enough to protect all Minnesotans. We will keep fighting for legislative change that benefits all Minnesotans, including children, renters, and people experiencing homelessness.

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