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VICTORY: Monique White Wins Negotiation to Save Her Home from foreclosure!
After a 7 month campaign led by Occupy Homes MN, Monique White has been offered a new loan by US Bank. In October of 2011 Monique was perhaps the first homeowner in the nation to approach the Occupy movement and ask for help in defending her home from an unlawful foreclosure . The 7 month campaign to save her home set an historic precedent in the Bank and foreclosure reform movement. The new loan was offered some 15 months after the end of the Redemption period and with a payment in keeping with the homes current value.
Supporters have camped out in and around her home, led over a dozen marches on US Bankcollected over 6,500 petition signaturespacked the courtroom, shut down Bank branches, and even marched to the home of US Bank CEO Richard Davis. Occupy Homes MN has worked with White and her family since October 2011, making national and international news in the process.
“I’m so thankful for all of the support during this process.” Said White, “Through it all I kept my faith in God and fought for what’s right. Right now I’m just thankful that my family and I will get to keep my home.” 

“Monique is truly a hero of the Occupy movement,” Said organizer Anthony Newby with Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), “Monique may have been the first in the country to invite the Occupy movement to defend her home from an unfair eviction. This deal sets an historic precedent for what communities can accomplish when they unite around this issue. The new loan offer came some 15 months after the end of the Redemption period and involves a payment in keeping with the home’s current value. If this deal can work for Monique White, it can work for homeowners around the country.”
“We couldn’t be more proud of Monique and the example she has set for homeowners around the country. Her victory gives hope to the millions of American’s around the country facing foreclosure by showing that the banks can and must enact a grand bargain that would help every homeowner to stay in their home, whether they are in foreclosure or underwater on their mortgage, by reducing the principal on their homes to the actual market value.” Said Nick Espinosa, an organizer with Occupy Homes MN whose family’s home is also in foreclosure.
Occupy Homes MN is currently working with dozens of other families in the Metro area and around the State to bring Big banks to the table to negotiate a reasonable solution to the foreclosure crisis.
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