March on Wells Fargo: Unlock Our Homes, Unlock Our Future

Wells Fargo has consistently ignored the demands of the 99%. 

We have asked that they halt foreclosures and reduce mortgage principal to market value, pay their fair share of taxes, refund our schools for the millions they have cost our children, stop blocking money transfers to Somalia, stop profiteering from student loans, privatized prisons, and the detention of immigrant communities, get their corrupting influence of money out of our democracy, stop opposing the homeowners’ bill of rights legislation, and stop financing coal and other fossil fuel projects that destabilize the climate.

As our communities continue to struggle, we can wait no longer.

The march will begin at the home of Gayle Lindsey, whose eviction orders were recently delayed thanks to community pressure, then we will head to a reclaimed Wells Fargo-owned vacant home. Once a blight to the community, the home is now being used to house a single mother of four who was experiencing homelessness (more info: From there we will march and rally at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Center to bring our collective demands directly to the 1%.

Let's unlock our future together.

Join us for a mass march on Wells Fargo as members of community, faith and labor organizations join with homeowners and residents of the Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone to demand the richest 1% unlock our homes, our neighborhoods, and our future.

***Performance by Brother Ali***

WHERE: 3520 5th Ave, Minneapolis MN

WHEN: February 27, 2013, 3:00pm


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