KWOC - Macalester

Kick Wells Fargo Off Campus (KWOC) is a coalition of Macalester students, alumni, and community members coming together to hold big banks accountable for their actions that have harmed our communities. Specifically, KWOC is calling on Macalester to end its banking relationship with Wells Fargo due to their unjust foreclosure practices.

The ongoing foreclosure crisis has torn the Twin Cities apart, leaving some neighborhoods with foreclosure rates at over 50% and thousands of families displaced and homeless. In order to live up to its core institutional values, Macalester cannot continue to bank with Wells Fargo, which is responsible for the largest number of foreclosures in the state.

KWOC emerged as a result of student involvement in housing justice work. In the Spring of 2012, Macalester students began working with Occupy Homes to stand with homeowners fighting foreclosure. As we engaged more deeply with our community, we came to recognize that Macalester is both an integral part of our Twin Cities community and an institution with the power to shape it. When Macalester banks with Wells Fargo, it is complicit in the destruction and devastation of our community.

For the latest information on KWOC, please visit us on Facebook and Twitter and our national affiliate, United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). You can also contact us at

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