Jaymie Kelly vs. Jamie Dimon

One month ago, Paula Medlock, Sergio Ceballos and Jaymie Kelly, three residents in the Eviction Free Zone of South Minneapolis, banded together and launched a campaign against JP Morgan Chase Bank to stay in their homes.  Thanks to all of your phone calls and petition signatures in support, Chase executives are working with Paula and announced intention to work with Sergio, and permanently delayed his eviction. Jaymie Kelly still anxiously waits for an answer, and she needs your help!

Jaymie vs. Jamie

After Jaymie’s redemption period ended on April 24th, Chase delayed eviction proceedings for one month but has not made any offers to negotiate a solution that will keep Jaymie in the community she’s lived in her entire life.

“If Chase has a proven commitment to the community like they advertise, why won’t they work with me, as a lifetime member of the Powderhorn community?” Jaymie said.  She is still waiting on Chase to negotiate despite having paid $450,000 over 30 years--for a home currently valued at $81,000.  She will soon face imminent eviction.

Can you call Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of Chase Bank, and ask him to make a deal with Jaymie?

You can call him at 212-270-1111. Here's a sample script:

"Hi, my name is _________ and I'm calling from _______. I'm glad that Chase is working out negotiations with Paula and Sergio, and I'm calling to demand they do the same for Jaymie Kelly. Jaymie has lived in her home for 30 years and already paid 5 times its market value. It's time for JP Morgan Chase to start cleaning up the housing crisis it helped create, and stop kicking people like Jaymie Kelly out of their communities."

Jamie Dimon, the CEO and Chairman of JP Morgan Chase, stands in the way of any negotiation.  Dimon is one of the highest paid Wall Street executives.  Every business day, Jamie Dimon earns the market value of Jaymie Kelly’s home.  His bank grossed $110 billion last year, and received $35 billion in federal TARP funding. In addition, under Dimon’s leadership, JP Morgan Chase is facing a myriad of federal investigations and scandals.

“Those numbers are disgusting. Jamie Dimon is the personification of Wall Street’s casino style capitalism, where working class people like Jaymie Kelly are forced to line the pockets of the decadent fat cats that crashed the economy,” said neighbor and Occupy Homes organizer Ginger Jentzen.

Call Jamie and tell him you stand with Main Street, not Wall Street! 212-270-1111.

Jaymie stands with 9 other homeowners refusing to move in the Central and Powderhorn neighborhoods of South Minneapolis as a part of the Eviction Free Zone.  “Chase will deal with me, and it’s going to be a fair deal, because of all your support.  This is my home, my neighborhood, my community,” Jaymie said.

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