50 neighbors launch eviction defense for lifelong resident, Jaymie Kelly


Over 50 community members from Eviction Free Zone neighborhoods rallied at Jaymie Kelly’s house to launch a 24-hour eviction defense against the sheriffs who could now come to evict her from her home of 30 years at any time. “I refuse to move and I see that my community stands with me,” Jaymie said to supporters. “Freddie Mac must come to the negotiating table. Until then we’ll stand together against Wall Street greed and demand that sheriffs and city officials stop carrying out the will of the big banks. We live in an Eviction Free Zone. We shall not be moved.”

The Hennepin County sheriffs’ department is legally required to carry out an eviction within 30 days, which means they will attempt to evict Jaymie by October 11th.

David Cruz told the story of his family’s violent eviction from their Cedar Avenue home last year at the hands of Freddie Mac--at the city’s expense of over $40,000. “City officials carry out the will of the banks and rip families from the relationships they’ve developed in their neighborhoods,” David said. “Not one more. This community stands with Jaymie.”

Freddie Mac has become notorious for its refusal to negotiate with families like David’s and Jaymie’s under the leadership of acting FHFA director Ed DeMarco. After a nationwide campaign for President Obama to “dump DeMarco,” he nominated a replacement director in May--but the Senate has yet to even schedule a confirmation hearing.

Jonathan Ceballos, whose Bancroft home faced eviction this past summer, thanked supporters for their vigilance in protecting his family’s home. “We’re still in our home because of community defense,” said Jonathan, whose father Sergio Ceballos is in negotiation with Chase Bank after Eviction Free Zone residents stood against the sheriffs’ eviction in July.

Jaymie Kelly has paid for her house, currently valued at $81,000, five times over. She has organized her neighborhood to defend against city officials enforcing an eviction while she seeks a negotiation at current market value. “Wall Street greed forces instability in my community,” said Occupy Homes organizer Ginger Jentzen. “If housing were under democratic community control, Jaymie wouldn’t be facing Freddie Mac’s monopoly game. Housing shouldn’t be a commodity bought and sold on the market. As things exist now, the city and county call on law enforcement to scare local residents from fighting against billionaire swindling.”

Jim Sharpsteen, a supporter from the Church of the Holy Name, where Jaymie and her siblings attended school, said he stands with Jaymie’s struggle because “no one should ever choose between medical care, food or stable housing. These are systemic problems we need to fight as a community.”

How Can You Help?
When we organize, we can win. Our community’s stability comes before Wall Street greed. Here are ways you can help:

  • Text @OccupyHomes to 23559 to receive emergency eviction defense alerts
  • Jaymie’s house, with the big blue cows, is 3753 11th Ave. S. Minneapolis. Stop by and ask how you can help with eviction defense.
  • When you receive an eviction alert text, show up as soon as you can. We’ll build in numbers to push Wall Street back!

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