Atlanta police detective, cancer patient asks for renegotiation at US Bank, GMAC headquarters in MN

Jacqueline Barber, a retired Atlanta police detective and current cancer patient, hasn't been able to get US Bank and GMAC to pay attention to her case in Atlanta. So she traveled to Minneapolis to make her case at their headquarters.

We began the day by rallying in the Government Center, where Jackie told her story alongside Minnesota homeowners who have also battled US Bank. As we marched through the skyways, Jackie sought a meeting with US Bank. They accepted her 20,000 petition signatures and documents showing her ability to pay.

After delivering the petitions to US Bank, we headed to City Hall where Jackie spoke out against the use of police force to carry out evictions.

We then traveled to the national headquarters of GMAC-ResCap in a lush office park in Bloomington. GMAC assured us that there were no executives on site and that this was just an office space--which is peculiar considering it is the national headquarters of GMAC-ResCap.

A legal assistant came down to address Jackie. She apologized to Jackie on behalf of the company for what she has gone through. She accepted the petitions and promised to get them to the right person.

GMAC told KARE 11 that they would be open to an offer from Jackie to buy back the home. We will be watching to see whether they keep their word.

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