A New Year's Message from Alejandra Cruz

An update from Alejandra:

2012 has been a year full of surprises, starting up with the bank trying to take away our home in February. Thanks to Occupy Homes MN, brothers and sisters putting their bodies on the line for our family, and supporters across the Nation, we were able to build a National movement that brought to the light what thousands of families go through in the U.S.: unjust foreclosures. Banks taking away houses that belong to hardworking families like mine, and kicking them out without providing fair and legit solutions.

Even though that happened throughout the year, and it was devastating, I found true friends, comrades, brothers and sisters, and partners in the movement that showed me that community power is stronger than the huge monster of greed in this country. Greedy banks will enjoy their New Year taking advantage of the money provided by the 99%. As time went by, we were able to become a National story that was able to touch hearts across the country. Even though I found myself frustrated and sad when I knew I had to leave memories and special moments in that house I know that that will always be the CRUZ HOUSE on Cedar Ave.

I will always remember the support of everyone of you, and will never forget the days in the struggle. I learned that love, faith and hope drove my family to keep going through hard times together with hundreds of brave and awesome community organizers that now became part of my family. Here we are today, still fighting for justice, because we "Can't stop, won't stop." Gracias OccupyMN and all the people that had supported the CRUZ FAMILY. May this year bring joyful moments with your loved ones. May this year be another year of success and Victory. HAPPY NEW YEAR FAMILIA. SI SE PUEDE! And you know what?! WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED. WHOSE HOUSE?? Feliz 2013. Seguimos en la lucha!

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