Wells Fargo, Don't Evict Our Family

Garcia family

When my baby girl was born, I realized that she would grow and need space to play and would not have that at our apartment. I sat to talk with my wife and suggested that it would be better to buy a home, and she was thrilled by this idea. It was then that we decided to buy a house. We were shown a home in which we are currently living, the neighbors are very friendly, we are very satisfied living here but now Wells Fargo wants to throw us out.

We have never had problems with anyone and we are friends with our neighbors. I will not try to re-start my life somewhere else. I paid my mortgage for 9 years and in these years never refinanced. If it wasn't for losing my job in July 2009, we would not be going through this situation.

I was not able to continue payments for my mortgage so I went to seek help from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to modify my mortgage while I wasn't working in order to continue payments, but I was denied. I had to go ask for help from another company with the modification of the mortgage which had now entered into foreclosure. The company helped me out of the foreclosure, but didn't lower my payments to make them affordable.

From there I continued making my mortgage payments until March 2011 when I fell behind because of the increased interest, payments, and principal. I was still sending the same amount of my original payments but the bank rejected the payments.

Then I asked for help from an institution to take another look at the foreclosure and the person I was assigned to lost my paperwork and did not return phone calls. Then we got a letter saying the house was to be sold at sheriff sale which surprised me a lot because I trusted this person and the institution to help me modify the loan.

We do not want to leave the house, we want to live in it. We continue to pay the utilities. Our daughter is growing up here at home, is very happy and fond of her friends, her school, her neighbors. We are rooted in the community and cannot leave all this that we have struggled for in our family. It's not easy for us or fair what is happening.

I demand a fair negotiation to stay in my home. Please sign my petition to support my request: http://start2.occupyourhomes.org/petitions/wells-fargo-don-t-evect-family

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