From 11th Ave to Wall Street: Jaymie Kelly demands meeting with JP Morgan Chase


Flanked by 60 supporters, retired postal worker and South Minneapolis homeowner Jaymie Kelly marched to the downtown executive office of JP Morgan Chase, demanding Chase renegotiate the mortgage on the house she’s lived in for 30 years.  Jaymie was stopped by security, and JP Morgan executives refused to come down to meet with her.  Supporters echoed her demand and promised to return until they got a face to face meeting.  Kelly said, “I want someone to negotiate with me. Calling customer service does nothing."  Instead of calling up to the office, the security phoned the police.

Her lender, JP Morgan Chase is demanding $255,000.  Last year alone, Chase netted over $21 billion in profits and remains one of the largest multi-national banking institutions in the world.  Jaymie estimates she has paid $450,000 for the house since purchasing it in 1982, and merely demands principal reduction and an affordable mortgage.  In its sheriff sale last November, Chase purchased the mortgage at the house’s current market value of $81,000. “I want the same deal Chase gave to themselves,” Jaymie says.

Jaymie is a resident in the Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone and one of the 6 underwater homeowners facing eviction who are refusing to move from the community.  She was born on the other side of the block and has lived her entire life on 38th street.  Only after her husband passed away and Jaymie fell victim to a predatory loan did she struggle to make payments.  With the help of her postal union, neighbors, and supporters of the Foreclosure Free Zone, Jaymie plans to keep pressure on Chase to sit down with her.  “I can’t just pack up and leave,” said Jaymie. “This is my community, always has been, and I will not be moved.”

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