Fighting Back

Tactics we use to stop evictions and help families stay in their homes.

Campaign kick-off - rallies and BBQs - We invite neighbors over for a BBQ to kick-off the campaign, and continue to host rallies at the house throughout the fight. Read more.



Court support and political pressure - We visit the courthouse to support homeowners during their hearings, and we visit the capitol to push for better legislation like the Minnesota Homeowner Bill of Rights. Read more.



Pressuring banks - We make noise at the banks, sometimes with street performance! Read more.


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Home defense - We shall not be moved. We practice nonviolent civil disobedience in showdowns with the sheriffs and police. Members receive training in dealing with police and a legal support team assists individuals risking arrest. Read more.


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Vacant Reclamation - We reclaim vacant houses in the community and fix them up as affordable housing for individuals and families needing shelter. Our goal is to end homelessness in Hennepin county. Read more.