Fight From the Inside

Thank you so much for your support of my family and me in our fight for our home. Last week supporters in over 15 cities delivered our petitions to Chase Bank branches asking them to drop the eviction and negotiate. We know that Chase Bank is feeling our pressure, but now we're going to need to bring it more than ever.


A notice to vacate has been posted on our door--meaning the sheriffs could come for my family at any time. Meanwhile, Chase Bank has still not gotten back to us about a modification. They're now saying that my dad's paperwork is invalid because when he dated one of the papers, he accidentally wrote 2012 instead of 2013. When my dad tried to call them, he asked for a Spanish interpreter and they wouldn't provide one.

It's ridiculous, I know--but they're not kidding.

So we need to double down our pressure on Chase. Please call JPMorgan Chase Vice Chair Doug Braunstein. Ask him to stop my family's eviction and modify our loan.

You can call his assistant at 212-622-2444. Please be polite and call during respectable East Coast hours. Here's a sample script:

"Hi, my name is ______ and I'm calling from _______. I'm calling about the imminent eviction of Sergio Ceballos at 4120 14th Avenue South in Minneapolis. After illegally dual-tracking Sergio, Chase has said they're working with him a modification, but won't get back to him because of a clerical error in his paperwork and their own refusal to provide a Spanish interpreter. Meanwhile, he could be evicted at any time. Please call off the eviction and modify the Ceballos' family's loan. Thank you."

Please join us TONIGHT at 6 pm for a Native home blessing ceremony at my house, 4120 14th Avenue South, Minneapolis. We're blessing our home as a way to keep our faith and roots as we continue to fight for what's right.

Thanks for all your support. We shall not be moved.

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