Occupy Homes, Ty Moore campaign fend off Election Day raid on Jaymie Kelly's home

Election Day raid

50 neighbors fought off an illegal 5am raid on Jaymie Kelly’s foreclosed home this morning as the sheriff’s deputies descended in a politically calculated Election Day attack.

The raid came just as Occupy Homes organizer Ty Moore stands poised to win a historic Minneapolis City Council election as the first socialist on the city council since 1920 on the platform of a foreclosure moratorium and an end to police resources for evictions. 

Occupy Homes Minnesota

“If JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac think they can stop us with an illegal 5 am raid on Election Day, they are mistaken,” said Jaymie Kelly. “I feel like I’ve been violated, for them to come in the middle of the night and break down a glass door. They took my daughter out of bed and handcuffed her. They are threatened by Ty because he has plans for changing how the city operates by keeping homeowners in their homes and not using public resources to illegally evict homeowners. This is voter suppression at the highest corporate levels. But their illegal, politically calculated actions are only fueling our movement. We are going to win my home and Ty’s election.”

Occupy Homes Minnesota

The sheriff’s department posted a 24-hour eviction notice, stating they could come anytime after 24 hours had passed, during business hours Monday—which they failed to honor. An earlier eviction order expired in October after a blockade of 150 community members prevented the sheriff from carrying it out. Jaymie has lived in her home for 30 years and paid for it five times over after falling victim to a predatory loan, but JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac refused to negotiate with her. In October, JPMorgan Chase reopened her case to negotiate, but at the same time plotted this political attack with Sheriff Stanek and Freddie Mac.

“This unbelievable attempt by Sheriff Stanek to subvert democracy and disrupt our get-out-the-vote efforts to elect Ty Moore is backfiring in a big way,” said Occupy Homes organizer Nick Espinosa. “Jaymie’s supporters are furious and we will be working all day to elect him. This is outrageous, but our resolve is stronger than ever. We are winning.”

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