Tell JPMorgan Chase: no more dirty tricks!

Dear friends,

Thanks so much for all your support through my long battle with JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac for my home of thirty years. This week, in an outrageous politically coordinated attack, JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac sent the sheriff to break down my door at 5am on Election Day--the day my friend Ty Moore was running for city council to end unjust evictions like mine.
50 supporters quickly rallied, and I'm happy to report I'm still in my home.

Election Day raid 

This illegal 5am raid and unprecedented corporate voter suppression are just some of the latest dirty tactics JPMorgan Chase has used to try to evict me and my neighbors. In August they promised Sergio Ceballos they'd sell him his home back at fair market value. But now it's getting colder, and they've stopped returning his calls. As Minnesota winter sets in, they've shut his utilities off.
All of this comes as JPMorgan Chase continues to negotiate a record settlement with the Department of Justice over bad loans like ours. It's time for them to make it a priority to work with the people they gave the bad loans to--homeowners like Sergio and me.
Today please call JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. Tell him to knock off these dirty tricks and keep Sergio and me in our homes.

Occupy Homes Minnesota

You can call him at 212-270-1111. Here's a sample script.
"Hi, my name is _______ and I'm calling from __(city, state)__. I'm calling on behalf of Sergio Ceballos and Jaymie Kelly in Minneapolis. JPMorgan Chase should be working to keep them in their homes, not employing dirty tactics like utility shutoffs and illegal 5 am raids on Election Day. JPMorgan Chase must immediately negotiate with Jaymie and Sergio and agree to a strong settlement that keeps people like them in their homes."
Thanks so much for your support. We'll keep you posted.
Jaymie Kelly and Sergio Ceballos
P.S. Ty's election results are still being last count he was only down by 131 votes!

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  • commented 2013-11-11 10:16:30 -0600
    it is illegal to have someones utility services turned off. I know this because as a landlord, even if tenants have been many months behind on their rent, I cannot have their utilities turned off, even if I am already in the eviction process.