"Reason to exhale": Rose McGee goes to Washington

Rose McGee traveled to Washington, D.C. yesterday with Fannie Mae fighters from around the country to meet with Fannie Mae executives. Her story of the meeting is below.

Thanks again for your many prayers and support. I now get it fully - this really is a big deal! We met with a key Fannie Mae executive from Texas along with two execs from D.C. Immediately, the meeting was established as private - no phones, no pictures. A big deal was that Fannie Mae decided to be "in dialogue" with "the people." Our group was led by brilliant team of grassroots leaders from across the country. For many of you the items listed below may seem confusing, but to those of you who are community organizers around homeowner foreclosures and/or rental foreclosure issues - then yesterday's meeting had some real key messages that will resonate with you immediately. For my personal situation, I was pleased that the lady exec from Fannie made a point to come to me and say, "I know about your case and we are working on a resolution that presents a satisfactory solution for you." OK...I felt reason to exhale.

I still get chills when I think of how powerful our fierce legislators were last week at the MN State Capitol. We will continue to support you in getting this bill passed any way we can. Prayers, support, well wishes - I continue to appreciate every bit of the way from each of you. I say this with utmost sincerity "POWER TO THE PEOPLE!" It's true!

Listed below is very generic summary from one of our fierce leaders Tony Romano. By the way Kevin Whelan who houses at NOC was as awesome!

Our crew represented! Melonie Griffiths, Boston facilitated fantastically, and each Fannie Fighter (Marcia Iza, Chicago; Marilyn Elazegui, Chicago; Rose McGee, Minnesota; Mark Harris, Atlanta and Kenneth Brown, Baltimore (representing his mother) was powerful in sharing their story and demands. Fannie Mae agreed to continue formal communications and to look at cases (including new ones) and certain policy areas with us. They said a clear NO to principal reduction but did show a willingness to work with us on some areas including donation of properties for $1 or low cost and tenant issues. They will be give us an update in writing by the end of next week on the post-foreclosure cases we submitted (pre-foreclosure they say will take more time to get us responses.) Clearly the fight must continue but this communication is a positive step forward. Tony Romano, Atlanta

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