Community Blockade Holds Off Sheriffs as Eviction Expires

Thanks to a strong showing of supporters for an eviction blockade earlier in the week, Jaymie Kelly's eviction order expired on Friday, October 11 at 5pm. Friends and neighbors gathered at her house for the countdown celebration. Sheriffs were supposed to carry out the eviction at 10:30am on Tuesday, October 8, but 150 community members packed the lawn to defend Jaymie's right to stay in her home.

Jaymie, a Powderhorn homeowner who has lived in her home 30 years, has paid the value of her home five times over. She is fighting a home defense campaign with Occupy Homes MN, demanding a negotiation with principal reduction from JPMorgan Chase and Freddie Mac.

“The government is shut down, but Freddie Mac evictions are still considered an essential service. But the power of community is too big to fail,” said Jaymie. “With our power in numbers, we scared Sheriff Stanek off on Tuesday, and we will be here en masse anytime they try to evict. I will not allow the greed of Freddie Mac and JPMorgan Chase to remove me from my community. I am not moving, and my neighbors stand with me."

Jaymie celebrated 30 days of successful eviction defense with a disco ball drop at 5pm on Friday, and a relaxed gathering of friends and supporters stayed to chat with Jaymie and her family until late in the evening.

Freddie Mac has asked for and been granted another writ, which will take effect sometime after October 18. The community is preparing for round two of eviction defense battle.

"Another writ isn't going to stop us," said Jaymie. "We scared off Freddie Mac, JPMorgan Chase, and the sheriff the first time and we'll do it as many times as it takes. I am not moving, and my neighbors stand with me. We are going to win. We shall not be moved."

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