Goals • Fighting Back

  • Residents' Meeting: Homeowners meet weekly to check in on campaigns, and make decisions regarding occupied homes. The also provide additional emotional support for each other in dealing with the stress of their foreclosure fights.
  • Vacant Committee: Group of mostly reclaimed vacant home residents who make decisions regarding our vacant program, check in on well being of homes/residents, and do political education and leadership development.
  • Vacant Intake Committee: Elected group that handles intake and placement of new residents.
  • Conflict Resolution Committee: Elected committee that resolves conflicts within Occupy Homes, including issues of sexism, racism, and other interpersonal conflict. Read the Conflict Resolution and Harassment Policy for Occupy Homes MN.
  • Eminent Domain Committee: Explores use of eminent domain policy to offer widespread principle reduction, organizes with coalitions to pursue demands, works to reclaim homes to democratic community control.

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