Macalester Students to Hold Statewide Convergence to Beat the Banks

After spending the summer fighting foreclosures with our community partners in the Twin Cities and organizing with students fighting banks nationwide, Macalester Kick Wells Fargo Off Campus (KWOC) is gearing up for another year of holding Wells Fargo accountable through a statewide student power convergence this Sunday at Macalester.

Despite the disappointment of Macalester’s refusal to cuts its contract with Wells Fargo last semester, KWOC is ready to renew the struggle and expand statewide.  Already we’ve been connecting with students from other schools on issues of housing and economic justice.  Students at the University of Minnesota are starting to build a KWOC campaign alongside Macalester.  And last week, Macalester students spoke to a political science class at Carleton College about student organizing and Wall Street accountability.  


Macalester KWOC students building power at the United Students Against Sweatshops conference in Chicago last weekend. 

On October 20th, Macalester KWOC is hosting a Banks Boot Camp on campus.  From 10 am to 6 pm students from across the state will gather at Macalester to learn skills and strategies for using student power to fight Wall Street on their own campuses.  Trainings and workshops will be led by both student and community organizers on the foreclosure crisis, nonviolent direct action, collective liberation, and more.  We hope that this event empowers students at schools around the state to organize their own KWOC chapters, multiplying our collective power in putting pressure on the big banks employing unjust, illegal foreclosure practices.  

Despite President Brian Rosenberg being on sabbatical this semester, we are gearing up for another year demanding that our institution use its power to effect positive change in our community. This year we will work with students across Minnesota as they begin to demand the same of their institutions.  In a country where over 18 million homes are vacant, it is unacceptable that 3.5 million people are homeless.  And in a time when countless families are still devastated by the Great Recession, it is the responsibility of the institutions that caused these problems to fix them.  With the support of students, alumni, and community members, we will continue to grow statewide student power against big banks and corporate greed.

For more info or to register for the statewide Banks Boot Camp, please visit or go on Facebook. You can also contact KWOC at 


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