Cupcakes in Court: An Update from Rose McGee

An inspiring update from Rose McGee on her eviction court date the day after Christmas, the power of community and cupcakes! You can sign Rose's petition here:

This should be a reality can't just make this stuff up. The Court Room was filled with supporters. THANK YOU! Because my papers had not been filed formally, the mortgage company's attorney expected a "no show." We showed up BIG TIME!  Caught off guard, the mortgage company's attorney asked for a 2 week delay. Judge granted it.  Good! Actually great!  What made today great - the Grace of God, those of you fasting and praying and those of you who showed up! Even though he contained himself, the Judge was moved by attendance. And so was I. WOW! There is power is numbers and a great attorney - Michael Wang with Drewes Law Firm. here's the REALLY exciting part - three legislators were present (Mike Frieberg, Karen Clark, Ramond Dehn) and are meeting tomorrow morning creating a draft of Bill on foreclosure - especially Dual Tracking. Amen! Amen! Amen! Will keep you posted on that.  They plan to present Bill in January. Amen! Amen Amen!'s something else - Channel 5 was there to cover another story, was moved by the power of the people in numbers on my behalf AND (check this out) Mysnikol's cupcakes! Yes - she brought in all these delicious cupcakes and strutted right over to me in Court and handed them to me. Incredible moment! (see yesterday's Pioneer Press cover story about Mysnikol's foreclosed home...right beneath the story about my son-in-law Danny). 
Meanwhile, the Channel 5 reporter, Mark Albert was awestruck! Whatever it takes! LOL. Check out the Channel 5 story here.  Not only did he interview several of us after Court Hearing, but came to my home tonight to get more footage.  So, what's the big deal about all this??? It is truly taking people uniting together to fight the injustice around housing foreclosure. 
For me personally - the fight continues. I ask of you to continue this journey with me on January 5 for the Human/Civil Rights Bus Tour and Concert Against Housing Foreclosure. I must ask you to join me AGAIN back in Court (since it got moved out two weeks thank God)  Thurs January 10 @8:00am. That's a tough one, I know, but please consider coming out.  Invite your office mates for coffee and Court - great pairing and power in numbers. Please pass along this invite for Thurs Jan 10th @ 8:30am Hennepin County Housing Court 3rd Floor. Thanks everyone. Rose

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