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Jaymie's House - sign petition

Jaymie Kelly is currently engaged in active eviction defense. She has lived in her house for 30 years and put $425,000 toward her mortgage - effectively paying for the house five times over. Jaymie ran into a predatory lender after her husband died, and soon the day came when she couldn't balance the bills any longer. Chase demanded she pay $255,000 for her home before auctioning it off in a sheriff's sale. Then, Chase used the sheriff's sale to buy the home back at the current market value of $81,000. Jaymie just wants the deal Chase gave itself - she wants a new mortgage to reflect the current value of her home at $81,000. So far, the bank has refused to work with her. Read more.


Sergio's House - sign petition

Sergio Ceballos is still in negotiations with JP Morgan Chase after actively defending his home from eviction in the summer of 2013. After a long fight, Chase is finally taking concrete steps to sell the home back to Sergio at fair market value. The courts granted Chase Bank's request to evict Sergio and his family in June 2013, despite clear evidence of illegal dual tracking. This stunning decision came even as Chase was ostensibly considering Sergio for a loan modification at the same time as they were moving to foreclose and evict--dual tracking made illegal under the national mortgage settlement and the Minnesota Homeowner's Bill of Rights. But when Sergio tried to argue his case in housing court, the judge refused to let an Occupy Homes advocate translate for him. The family turned to their community for support. Sergio and his son Jonathan are surrounded by neighbors in the Eviction Free Zone who are also fighting their foreclosures. This community understands that there is no reason to kick the Ceballos family out of the neighborhood where they've lived for 12 years. Read more.